Richard Nell

Richard Nell

Richard Nell is a Canadian author of fantasy, living in one of the flattest, coldest places on earth with his begrudging wife, who makes sure he eats. He’s been a dishwasher, brick-layer, bin-sweeper, floor-waxer, factory-worker, government employee, and managed a few teams in the bloody insurance business. He went to school for none of those things. He has one eye, a few useless English degrees, enjoys history and video-games and learning of all kinds, because what he really loves are ideas.

Richard concerned family and friends by quitting his real job in 2014 to ‘write full-time’, with no third-party indication this would be a good plan since approximately Grade 7. Without knowledge of the market, or self-publishing, he decided it was now or never, and tried to write the kind of fantasy story he wanted to read. So far the journey has been absolutely incredible. You are most welcome to come along.

His debut novel, Kings of Paradise, is the first of a dark, epic fantasy trilogy. It’s officially a Canadian Amazon bestseller, and available now on Amazon as an ebook, paperback, or audiobook. The second book in the series was released in January 2019.

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Book Covers
 Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand #1)
Rebellion of the Black Militia
Devil of the 22nd
Kings of Ash (Ash and Sand #2)
The God King's Legacy
Kings of Heaven (Ash and Sand #3)7.34

Speculative Fiction Novels (6)

(Ash and Sand #3)
2020 | fantasy > dark fantasy + high fantasy
(The God King Chronicles)
2019 | fantasy > high fantasy, collection
(Ash and Sand #2)
2019 | fantasy > dark fantasy + high fantasy
(The God King Chronicles)
2018 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The God King Chronicles)
2017 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Ash and Sand #1)
2017 | fantasy > dark fantasy + high fantasy