Christian McKay Heidicker

Christian McKay Heidicker

Christian McKay Heidicker reads and writes and drinks tea. Between his demon-hunting cat and his fiddling, red-headed girlfriend, he feels completely protected from evil spirits. Christian is the author of Scary Stories for Young Foxes, Cure for the Common Universe and Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Book Covers
Attack of the 50 Foot Wallflower
Scary Stories for Young Foxes
Thieves of Weirdwood (William Shivering #1)
Ghosts of Weirdwood (William Shivering #2)
Nightmares of Weirdwood (William Shivering #3)

Speculative Fiction Novels (5)

(William Shivering #3)
2022 | fantasy, young adult | Release date April 5, 2022
(William Shivering #2)
2021 | fantasy, young adult
(William Shivering #1)
2020 | fantasy, young adult

2019 | horror, short stories, young adult

2018 | science fiction, young adult