Claire McKenna

Claire McKenna

In her own words:

"Welcome, I'm a a science fiction and fantasy writer from Melbourne, Australia, though if pressed I'll also count my childhood in Auckland, New Zealand as part of a biography-worthy background

So, I started writing in my teens, and managed to complete a couple of poorly constructed novels with questionably long word-counts before knuckling down and learning how to write properly... through trial and error, a lot of help, and some diversions into film-making.

Eventually all the words clicked, and I became a "usual suspect" short story writer in the Australian spec-fic scene. But I always wanted to write novels, and after several close calls, near misses and almost-theres my debut dark fantasy romance MONSTROUS HEART will be will be published by Harper Voyager April 2020.

Apart from writing, anything involving urban exploring, hostile architecture, photo-documentation of ruins and decay, going bush and exploring will make me talk at long and detailed length. Somehow I've ended up the owner of nearly a dozen typewriters as well.

I write on a Lenovo T420s, the best laptop ever made.​"


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