Robert R. McCammon

Robert R. McCammon

Robert R. McCammon (born 1952) is an American novelist from Birmingham, Alabama. His parents are Jack, a musician, and Barbara Bundy McCammon. After his parents' divorce, McCammon lived with his grandparents in Birmingham. He received a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Alabama in 1974. McCammon currently resides in Birmingham, and is married to Sally Sanders. The two have a daughter, Skye. McCammon retired from publishing in the late 1990s, but returned to publish Speaks the Nightbird, the first book in the Matthew Corbett series. As of 2008[update], his plans are to continue with the series.

Robert R. McCammon now refuses to let his first four novels be republished because while he does not dislike the books, he does not feel that they are up to the standards of his later works. He wrote that he feels he was allowed to learn how to write in public, and therefore has decided to officially retire his earlier works.


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Book Covers
Bethany's Sin
The Night Boat
They Thirst
Mystery Walk
Usher's Passing
Swan Song10.00
Blue World and Other Stories
The Wolf's Hour
Boy's Life
Gone South
Speaks the Nightbird (Matthew Corbett Series #1)
The Queen of Bedlam (Matthew Corbett Series #2)
Mr. Slaughter (Matthew Corbett Series #3)
The Five
The Hunter from the Woods
The Providence Rider (Matthew Corbett Series #4)
I Travel by Night (I Travel by Night #1)
The River of Souls (Matthew Corbett Series #5)
The Border
Freedom of the Mask (Matthew Corbett Series #6)
Last Train from Perdition (I Travel by Night #2)
Tales from Greystone Bay
He'll Come Knocking at Your Door

Speculative Fiction Novels (17)

2017 | horror, short stories

2017 | horror
(I Travel by Night #2)
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(Matthew Corbett Series #6)
2016 | thriller
(Matthew Corbett Series #5)
2014 | thriller
(Matthew Corbett Series #4)
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2010 | thriller
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