Mark Del Franco

Mark Del Franco

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(in his own words, with embellishments)

"When my home planet was destroyed, I was placed as a baby in a spaceship and launched toward the most sophisticated area of the galactic empire. Due to a glitch in the navigational software, I ended up here.

I was raised in the surburban confines of Connecticut. When my powers first manifested, my mother dubbed me The Red Tornado, a name I kept until my rebellious, yet quiet teenage years (as well as trademark issues with another being with the same name. Plus, my hair got darker). As all adolescents do, I tried various personas—Book Boy, Dynamo Dishwasher, Leave Me Alone Lad and Sleep Late Guy to name a few.

In college, I went through many transitions as I struggled to find my place in the world. For a while, I tried being Drunk Dude and Party Buddy, but found the competition a little thick. Eventually, I settled into Finish Your Degree Fellow and moved into the the world of corporate intrigue and treachery that is publishing.

There I discovered new abilities and became Contracts Guy (not to be confused with Captain Contracts, who was a separate entity entirely and looked better in tights). Alas, an apocalyptic event known as the Merger Meteorite hit the firm, and I was cast into the otherdimensional void of Layoff Land. Despite its derelict reputation, I found the place quiet nice actually. It was there

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Book Covers
Unshapely Things (Connor Grey #1)
Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey #2)
Unfallen Dead (Connor Grey #3)
Skin Deep (Laura Blackstone #1)
Unperfect Souls (Connor Grey #4)
Face Off (Laura Blackstone #2)
Uncertain Allies (Connor Grey #5)
Undone Deeds (Connor Grey #6)

Speculative Fiction Novels (10)

2016 | fantasy, alternate history

2014 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Connor Grey #6)
2012 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Connor Grey #5)
2011 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Laura Blackstone #2)
2010 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Connor Grey #4)
2010 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Laura Blackstone #1)
2009 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Connor Grey #3)
2009 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Connor Grey #2)
2008 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Connor Grey #1)
2007 | fantasy > urban fantasy