Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill

Adam L. G. Nevill has an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of St Andrews. He has published short stories and is the author of another nine novels written under a pseudonym. He currently works as a commissioning editor for a London publisher, overseeing more than seventy books a year, including novels, fiction anthologies and memoirs.


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Edited: Jussi October 10, 2011
Book Covers
Banquet for the Damned7.66
Apartment 16
The Ritual5.34
Last Days
House of Small Shadows
No One Gets Out Alive
Lost Girl
Cries from the Crypt: Selected Writings
Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors
Under a Watchful Eye
Hasty for the Dark
The Reddening7.34
Wyrd and Other Derelictions

Speculative Fiction Novels (13)

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2017 | horror

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2016 | horror, short stories

2015 | horror

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