John Brosnan

John Brosnan

John Raymond Brosnan (1947–2005) was an Australian writer of both fiction and non-fiction works based around the fantasy and science fiction genres. He was born in Perth, Western Australia, and died in South Harrow, London, from acute pancreatitis. He sometimes published under the pseudonyms Harry Adam Knight, Simon Ian Childer (both sometimes used together with Leroy Kettle), James Blackstone (used together with John Baxter), and John Raymond. Three not very successful movies were based on his novels – Beyond Bedlam (aka Nightscare), Proteus (based on Slimer), and Carnosaur. In addition to science fiction, he also wrote a number of books about cinema and was a regular columnist with the popular UK magazine Starburst.


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Book Covers
Midas Deep
The Sky Lords (Sky Lords #1)7.90
The War of the Sky Lords (Sky Lords #2)
The Fall of the Sky Lords (Sky Lords #3)
The Opoponax Invasion
Damned & Fancy (Damned & Fancy #1)
Have Demon, Will Travel (Damned & Fancy #2)
Mothership (Mothership #1)

Speculative Fiction Novels (9)

(Mothership #1)
2004 | science fiction
(Damned & Fancy #2)
1996 | fantasy
(Damned & Fancy #1)
1995 | fantasy

1993 | science fiction
(Sky Lords #3)
1991 | science fiction
(Sky Lords #2)
1989 | science fiction
(Sky Lords #1)
1988 | science fiction

1983 | science fiction

1981 | science fiction