Darrell Schweitzer

Darrell Schweitzer

Darrell Schweitzer (born 1952) is an American writer, editor, and essayist in the field of speculative fiction. Much of his focus has been on dark fantasy and horror, although he does also work in science fiction and fantasy. Schweitzer is also a prolific writer of literary criticism and editor of collections of essays on various writers within his preferred genres. From 1988 to 2007 he co-edited Weird Tales, sharing a World Fantasy Award in 1993 with colleagues John Gregory Betancourt and George H. Scithers.


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Book Covers
The Dream Quest of H. P. Lovecraft
Conan's World and Robert E. Howard
We Are All Legends
The Shattered Goddess
Tom O'Bedlam's Night Out, and Other Strange Excursions
Tales from the Spaceport Bar (Tales from the Spaceport Bar #1)
Another Round at the Spaceport Bar (Tales from the Spaceport Bar #2)
Pathways to Elfland: The Writings of Lord Dunsany
The White Isle
Transients and Other Disquieting Stories
The Mask of the Sorcerer
Non Compost Mentis
Poetica Dementia: Being a Further Accumulation of Metrical Offenses
Refugees from an Imaginary Country
Necromancies and Netherworlds
Nightscapes: Tales of the Ominous and Magical
The Great World and the Small: More Tales of the Ominous and Magical
They Never Found His Head: Poems of Sentiment & Reflection
The Thomas Ligotti Reader: Essays and Explorations
Sekenre: The Book of the Sorcerer
The Innsmouth Tabernacle Choir Hymnal
Groping Towards the Light: Poems for Midnight and After
The Arkham Alphabet Book for Children
The Neil Gaiman Reader
Secret History of Vampires
Living with the Dead
Ghosts of Past and Future: Selected Poetry
Full Moon City
Cthulhu's Reign6.66
The Robert E. Howard Reader
That Is Not Dead
Awaiting Strange Gods: Weird and Lovecraftian Fictions
Tales from the Miskatonic University Library

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