C. J. Henderson

C. J. Henderson

C. J. Henderson's early days were spent in the Midwest. High school and college kept him in the general area of Pittsburgh, but shortly thereafter it was on to the big city, more specifically, New York City. A comics writer for the past thirty years, he has handled everyone from Archie to Batman and the Punisher to Cherry Poptart. He has also written hundreds of short stories and thousands of nonfiction pieces. Henderson lives in Brooklyn with his wife, fashion designer Grace Tin Lo, his daughter, Erica, and everyone's cats, Tyco and Tiger.

C. J. Henderson has also written books under the pseudonym of Robert Morgan.


C. J. Henderson's official website.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (6)
2013  Radio City Knight (Piers Knight, #3)
/stars/0.png (fantasy > urban fantasy)
2011  Central Park Knight (Piers Knight, #2)
/stars/0.png (fantasy > urban fantasy)
2010  Dead to Rites: The DMA Casefiles of Agent Karver (Murphy's Lore)
/stars/0.png (fantasy, horror, short stories)
2010  Brooklyn Knight (Piers Knight, #1)
/stars/0.png (fantasy > urban fantasy)
2002  The Occult Detectives of C. J. Henderson
/stars/0.png (fantasy, short stories, thriller)
1995  Quantum Leap: Double or Nothing (Quantum Leap)
/stars/0.png (science fiction)

Others non-spefi books (1)
1979  Guts

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