Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart (born 1965) is a U.S.-Canadian science fiction and fantasy author.

Born in Lubbock, Texas, Sean Stewart moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1968. After stints in Houston, Texas, Vancouver, British Columbia, Irvine, California and Monterey, California, he now lives in Davis, California, with his wife and two daughters.

Stewart received an Honors degree in English from University of Alberta in 1987, following which he spent many years writing novels. He gradually moved from writing novels to interactive fiction. He served as a consultant on several computer games, and is on the management team of the marketing and entertainment company. 


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Book Covers
Passion Play6.66
Nobody's Son6.66
Resurrection Man
Clouds End
The Night Watch
Perfect Circle6.86
Yoda: Dark Rendezvous5.00
Cathy's Book (Cathy #1)6.08
Cathy's Key (Cathy #2)6.36
Cathy's Ring (Cathy #3)6.92

Speculative Fiction Novels (12)

(Cathy #3)
2009 | fantasy, young adult
(Cathy #2)
2008 | fantasy, young adult
(Cathy #1)
2006 | fantasy, young adult
(Star Wars: Clone Wars Novels)
2004 | science fiction > space opera

2004 | fantasy, magical realism

2000 | fantasy, magical realism

1998 | fantasy

1997 | fantasy, magical realism

1996 | fantasy

1995 | fantasy, magical realism

1993 | fantasy

1992 | science fiction