Jack C. Haldeman II

Jack Carroll Haldeman II (1941–2002) was an American biologist and science fiction writer. He was the older brother of science fiction writer Joe Haldeman.


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Speculative Fiction Novels (9)
1993  High Steel
(science fiction)
1991  Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Zombie Vampires (Bill, the Galactic Hero, #5)
(science fiction > military science fiction)
1991  Run for the Stars / Echoes of Thunder
(science fiction)
1990  Slow Dancing Through Time
(science fiction, short stories)
1985  The Fall of Winter
(science fiction)
1983  There Is No Darkness
(science fiction, short stories)
1983  The Iceworld Connection (Spaceways, #11)
(science fiction)
1980  Perry's Planet (Star Trek Adventures, #4)
(science fiction > space opera)
1978  Vector Analysis
(science fiction)