Christopher Anvil

Christopher Anvil

Christopher Anvil (born 1922) is a pseudonym used by author Harry C. Crosby.

Christopher Anvil began writing science fiction in the early 1950s, publishing stories in the vintage SF magazine Imagination in 1952 and 1953. In 1956 he debuted in Astounding, the leading magazine in the field, with his story "The Prisoner." That was the beginning of an avalanche of stories for Astounding (and Analog, as the magazine was retitled in 1960) which combined fast-paced adventure plots with a pointed satirical sensibility, puncturing dogmas and bureaucracies both human and alien. His stories in Astounding/Analog frequently took first place in the magazine's reader polls, and were nominated for Hugo and Nebula awards. His work also appeared in such SF magazines as Galaxy and Amazing Stories. He lives in New York state.

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Book Covers
The Day the Machines Stopped
Pandora's Planet
Warlord's World
The Steel, the Mist, and the Blazing Sun
Pandora's Legions
Interstellar Patrol (Interstellar Patrol #1)
The Trouble with Aliens
The Trouble with Humans
War Games
Rx for Chaos

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