Ardath Mayhar

Ardath Mayhar

Ardath Frances Hurst Mayhar (born 1930) began her writing career as a poet when she was nineteen. She began writing science fiction in 1979 after returning with her family to Texas from Oregon. She was nominated for the Mark Twain Award, and won the Balrog Award for a horror narrative poem in Masques I. She has had numerous other nominations for awards in almost every fiction genre and has won many awards for poetry. In 2008 she was chosen by Science Fiction Writers of America as their Author Emeritus.

Mayhar has written over 60 books ranging from science fiction to horror to young adult to historical to westerns; with some work under the pseudonyms Frank Cannon, Frances Hurst, and John Killdeer.

Joe R. Lansdale says simply, "Ardath Mayhar writes damn fine books!"

Mayhar also owned and operated The View From Orbit Bookstore in Nacogdoches, Texas with her husband Joe until his death in the 1990s. She has since sold the bookstore, which served the students of Stephen F. Austin State University and people in the East Texas area, providing a wide variety of books and literature that would otherwise have been unavailable to this conservative region. Mayhar's reputation is such that she still speaks regularly in the area, drawing large crowds whenever she teaches and speaks.


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Books by Ardath Mayhar
How the Gods Wove in Kyrannon N/A
The Seekers of Shar-Nuhn N/A
Soul-Singer of Tyrnos (Tyrnos #1) N/A
Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey N/A
Warlock's Gift N/A
Runes of the Lyre (Tyrnos #2) N/A
Khi to Freedom N/A
Lords of the Triple Moons N/A
Exile on Vlahil N/A
The Saga of Grittel Sundotha N/A
The World Ends in Hickory Hollow N/A
The Wall N/A
Makra Choria N/A
The Sword and the Dagger N/A
Trail of the Seahawks (The Macaque Cycle #2) N/A
A Place of Silver Silence N/A
Two Moons and the Black Tower N/A
Monkey Station (The Macaque Cycle #1) N/A
People of the Mesa N/A
Hunters of the Plains N/A
A Road of Stars N/A
Riddles & Dreams (The Exiles of Damaria #1) N/A
Ships and Seekers (The Exiles of Damaria #2) N/A
Witchfire N/A
Messengers in White N/A
The Exiles of Damaria N/A
Slewfoot Sally and the Flying Mule: Tall Tales from Cotton County, Texas N/A
Strange Doin's in the Pine Hills: Stories of Fantasy and Mystery in East Texas N/A
Crazy Quilt: The Best Short Stories of Ardath Mayhar N/A
Slaughterhouse World / Knack' Attack N/A
The Methodist Bobcat: 27 Classic Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (29)

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2010 | science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories

2009 | science fiction
(The Exiles of Damaria)
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2009 | fantasy, horror, short stories

2009 | science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories

2007 | fantasy
(The Exiles of Damaria #2)
2005 | fantasy
(The Exiles of Damaria #1)
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1998 | fantasy
(The Macaque Cycle #1)
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(Tales of the Triple Moons)
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(Tyrnos #2)
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(Tales of the Triple Moons)
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(Tyrnos #1)
1981 | fantasy
(Tales of the Triple Moons)
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(Tales of the Triple Moons)
1979 | fantasy

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1992 | history, mainstream