Richard Parks

Richard Parks

Richard Parks lives in Clinton, Mississippi, with his wife and a varying number of cats. He collects Japanese woodblock prints, but otherwise has no spare time and thus no hobbies to speak of.

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Book Covers
The Ogre's Wife: Fairy Tales for Grownups
Worshipping Small Gods
Hereafter, and After
The Long Look (The Laws of Power #1)
On the Banks of the River of Heaven
Spirits of Wood and Stone
The Heavenly Fox
Black Kath's Daughter (The Laws of Power #2)
A Warrior of Dreams
Our Lady of 47 Ursae Majoris and Other Stories
Ghost Trouble: The Casefiles of Eli Mothersbaugh
Yamada Monogatari: Demon Hunter
All the Gates of Hell
The God of Small Troubles and Other Stories
Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Gate
Power's Shadow (The Laws of Power #3)
Yamada Monogatari: The War God's Son
Yamada Monogatari: The Emperor in Shadow

Speculative Fiction Novels (18)

(Yamada Monogatari)
2016 | fantasy, history
(Yamada Monogatari)
2015 | fantasy, history
(The Laws of Power #3)
2015 | fantasy
(Yamada Monogatari)
2014 | fantasy, history

2014 | fantasy, short stories

2013 | fantasy
(Yamada Monogatari)
2013 | fantasy, history

2011 | science fiction, fantasy, short stories, mystery

2011 | fantasy

2011 | science fiction, short stories
(The Laws of Power #2)
2011 | fantasy

2011 | fantasy

2011 | fantasy

2010 | fantasy, short stories
(The Laws of Power #1)
2008 | fantasy

2007 | fantasy

2007 | fantasy, short stories

2002 | fantasy, short stories