George Udenkwo

George Udenkwo

George Chyke Udenkwo was born in 1967 in the troubled town of Newry, Northern Ireland. Half Nigerian, half Irish, he was raised in 70's England and to his everlasting chagrin missed out on the Punk era by a hairs breadth. "We left for Nigeria in '76, anarchy was just over the British horizon and art was about to change forever." But Nigeria was to reshape George's views in other ways. "You'd wake up one morning and the entire government had changed overnight, you knew the government had changed because all the TV stations were broadcasting the national anthem on a tape-loop. You very quickly had to forget the last Government ever existed."

Back in England he tried his hand at various jobs before settling on martial arts and weight training as a way to finance a series of underground movies that never quite saw the light of day.

He kept writing; novels, short stories, scripts and weird poems on his kitchen wall. Of his work, George says, "In the Golgotha Falls series I suggest that technology will not bring universal meaning, but rather fragment our understanding of reality further. Through genetic engineering and quantum science we summon our most virulent nightmares, not wittingly, but disguised as solutions and labour-saving marvels. In the end humanity winds up with a Swiss cheese reality that bears closer resemblance to Alice in Wonderland than the utopian world we envisage today."

He lists his influences as Philip K Dick, Jeff Noon, Chinua Achebe and Michael Ondaatje amongst various others. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and has just completed the second book in the Golgotha Falls series.

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