Richard Adams

Richard George Adams (1920–2016) was an English novelist who is best known as the author of Watership Down, Shardik and The Plague Dogs. He studied modern history at university before serving in the British Army during World War II. Afterwards, he completed his studies, and then joined the British Civil Service. In 1974, two years after Watership Down was published, Adams became a full-time author.

Photo: Richard Adams reads from Watership Down at a 2008 exhibition of Aldo Galli paintings. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

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Edited by 2016-12-28 (Seregil of Rhiminee)
Speculative Fiction Novels (6)
1996  Tales from Watership Down
(fantasy > animal fantasy, short stories)
1988  Traveller
(fantasy, history, mainstream)
1984  Maia
1977  The Plague Dogs
(fantasy > animal fantasy)
1974  Shardik
(fantasy > animal fantasy)
1972  Watership Down
(fantasy > animal fantasy)

Others non-spefi books (1)
1980  The Girl in a Swing
(magical realism)