Kathryn Cramer

Kathryn Cramer

Kathryn Cramer coedited the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology The Architecture of Fear and was the editor of its widely praised sequel Walls of Fear. She has edited and coedited several other anthologies. With David G. Hartwell, she edited The Ascent of Wonder, a major anthology covering the earlier history and development of "hard SF." Hartwell and Cramer also coedit the annual Year's Best Fantasy and Year's Best SF series.

Kathryn Cramer is the wife of David G. Hartwell.


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Edited: Seregil of Rhiminee April 27, 2009
Book Covers
Christmas Ghosts
The Architecture of Fear
Spirits of Christmas
Walls of Fear
The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF
The Hard SF Renaissance
The Space Opera Renaissance

Comics and Anthology (7)

2006 | science fiction, anthology

2002 | science fiction, anthology

1994 | science fiction, anthology

1990 | horror, anthology

1989 | fantasy, anthology

1987 | horror, anthology

1987 | fantasy, horror, anthology