Damien Broderick

Damien Broderick

Damien Francis Broderick (born 1944) is an Australian science fiction and popular science writer. His science fiction novel The Judas Mandala is sometimes credited with the first appearance of the term "virtual reality".


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Book Covers
A Man Returned
Sorcerer's World
The Zeitgeist Machine
The Dreaming Dragons
The Judas Mandala
Strange Attractors
Striped Holes
Matilda at the Speed of Light
The Dark Between the Stars
The Sea's Furthest End
The White Abacus
The Book of Revelation
Not the Only Planet: Science Fiction Travel Stories
Centaurus: The Best of Australian Science Fiction
Stuck in Fast Forward
Earth Is But a Star: Excursions Through Science to the Far Future
Jack and the Aliens (Jack Series #1)
Jack and the Skyhook (Jack Series #2)
The Hunger of Time
Godplayers (Players in the Contest of Worlds #1)
K-Machines (Players in the Contest of Worlds #2)
I Suppose a Root's Out of the Question?
Year Million: Science at the Far Edge of Knowledge
Uncle Bones: Four Science Fiction Novellas
Climbing Mount Implausible: The Evolution of a Science Fiction Writer

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