Alex Irvine

Alex Irvine

Alex Irvine is a pseudonym of Alexander C. Irvine.

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Series by Alex Irvine
Batman (11 books)
The Ultimates (1 books)
Supernatural (15 books)

Books by Alex Irvine
Rossetti Song N/A
Unintended Consequences N/A
Batman: Inferno N/A
Against All Enemies N/A
Mystery Hill 8.00   1
John Winchester's Journal N/A
The Seal of Karga Kul N/A
Mare Ultima N/A
Independence Day: Resurgence: The Official Movie Novelization N/A
Anthropocene Rag 7.00   1

Speculative Fiction Novels (10)

2020 | science fiction

2016 | science fiction

2012 | fantasy
(Dungeons & Dragons (other novels))
2010 | fantasy
2009 | fantasy

2009 | science fiction
(The Ultimates)
2007 | science fiction
2006 | science fiction

2003 | science fiction, fantasy, short stories

2002 | science fiction, fantasy, short stories