Kim Antieau

Kim Antieau

Kim Antieau is the author of several novels and short stories for adults and teenagers, including Mercy, Unbound. She graduated Eastern Michigan University and lives with her husband, poet Mario Milosevic, in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from writing books, she works as a librarian.

Edited: Seregil of Rhiminee April 30, 2009
Book Covers
Trudging to Eden
The Jigsaw Woman
The Gaia Websters
Coyote Cowgirl
Counting on Wildflowers
Mercy, Unbound
Broken Moon
Ruby's Imagine
Church of the Old Mermaids

Speculative Fiction Novels (8)

2008 | fantasy, mainstream

2006 | fantasy, mainstream, young adult

2004 | fantasy, mainstream, non-fiction, short stories

2003 | fantasy

1997 | science fiction

1996 | fantasy

1994 | fantasy, horror, short stories

1991 | science fiction

Others non-spefi books (2)

2008 | mainstream, young adult

2007 | mainstream, young adult