Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende Llona (born 1942) is a Chilean-American novelist.


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Book Covers
Of Love and Shadows
Eva Luna
The Stories of Eva Luna
The House of the Spirits7.00
City of the Beasts (City of the Beasts #1)7.38
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon (City of the Beasts #2)7.70
Forest of the Pygmies (City of the Beasts #3)6.98

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(City of the Beasts #3)
2005 | fantasy, young adult
(City of the Beasts #2)
2004 | fantasy, young adult
(City of the Beasts #1)
2002 | fantasy, young adult

Others non-spefi books (4)

1993 | magical realism

1989 | magical realism

1987 | magical realism

1985 | magical realism