Toni Andrews

Toni Andrews

Toni Andrews likes to say it's easier to list the jobs she hasn't tried. From lifeguard to lounge singer, bartender to bill collector, door-to-door salesperson to corporate business analyst – Toni has been there and done that. Then, she decided that what she really wanted to be was a writer. After fifteen years in Southern California and seven in Miami, Toni returned to the lakeside cottage in Connecticut where she spent her childhood summers, where she writes full time.

After discovering that it’s not always easy for authors to get publicity, Toni took matters into her own hands in 2008 and began producing her own public access television show, So Many Books, which features authors of all genres and appears in over 150 towns in New England and New York.

Toni also writes romance novels under the pen name Virginia Reede.


Toni Andrews' Official Website.

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Book Covers
Beg for Mercy (Mercy Hollings #1)
Angel of Mercy (Mercy Hollings #2)
Cry Mercy (Mercy Hollings #3)

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(Mercy Hollings #3)
2009 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Mercy Hollings #2)
2008 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Mercy Hollings #1)
2007 | fantasy > urban fantasy