Lisa Mannetti

Lisa Mannetti

Lisa Mannetti is a former magazine editor and adjunct college English instructor who discovered she preferred full-time writing to real work when she volunteered to be the family member who cared for her ailing mother. Her short story, "Hungry for the Flesh" (Space & Time, April 2007) was recommended for a Stoker Award. Additional short stories scheduled for publication in 2008 include "The Blow-Up Job" (TRAPS, DarkHart Press) and "Other Rooms" (The Anthology, November 2008) and "Retro-Fit" in Lovestrology (Ravenous Romance, December 2008). Most recently she served as guest editor for Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry, an anthology scheduled to be published by DarkHart Press in October 2008. She is currently working on a second paranormal novel, The Everest Hauntings.

When she isn't writing, Lisa works on her haunted website, The Chancery House ( and constructs macabre gothic greeting cards based on her cemetery photos. She is also a Tarot reader. Lisa lives in the house she grew up in Westchester County in New York with one highly rambunctious cat – Huckleberry Finn – and two charming and exasperating black kittens, The Houdinis: Harry and Theo.


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