George Griffith

George Griffith (1857–1906), full name George Chetwyn Griffith-Jones, was a prolific British science fiction writer and noted explorer who wrote during the late Victorian and Edwardian age. Many of his visionary tales appeared in magazines such as Pearson's Magazine and Pearson's Weekly before being published as novels.


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Book Covers

The Angel of the Revolution (The Angel of the Revolution / The Empire of the Air, #1)
Olga Romanoff (The Angel of the Revolution / The Empire of the Air, #2)
Valdar the Oft-Born: A Saga of Seven Ages
The Outlaws of the Air
The Virgin of the Sun: A Tale of the Conquest of Peru
The Gold Finder
Gambles with Destiny
The Great Pirate Syndicate
A Honeymoon in Space
Captain Ishmael
Denver's Double: A Story of Inverted Identity
The White Witch of Mayfair
The Missionary
The Lake of Gold: A Narrative of the Anglo-American Conquest of Europe
The World Masters
A Woman Against the World
The Stolen Submarine: A Tale of the Japanese War
A Criminal Croesus
A Mayfair Magician
The Great Weather Syndicate
The Mummy and Miss Nitocris: A Phantasy of the Fourth Dimension
The World Peril of 1910
The Destined Maid
The Sacred Skull
The Lord of Labour
The Diamond Dog
The Raid of Le Vengeur and Two Other Stories