Thorne Smith

Thorne Smith

James Thorne Smith Jr. (18921934), was an American writer of humorous supernaturnal fantasy fiction.

Best known today for his creation of Topper, Smith's comic fantasy fiction (most of it involving sex, lots of drinking, and supernatural transformations, and aided by racy illustrations) sold millions of copies in the early 1930s. Smith drank as steadily as his characters; his appearance in James Thurber's The Years With Ross involves an unexplained week-long disappearance.

Smith was born in Annapolis, Maryland the son of a Navy commodore, attended Dartmouth College, and after hungry years in Greenwich Village working part-time as an advertising agent, Smith achieved meteoric success with the publication of Topper in 1926. He died of a heart attack in 1934 while vacationing in Florida.


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Books by Thorne Smith
Biltmore Oswald: The Diary of a Hapless Recruit (Biltmore Oswald #1) N/A
Out o' Luck: Biltmore Oswald Very Much at Sea (Biltmore Oswald #2) N/A
Topper (Topper #1) N/A
Dream's End N/A
The Stray Lamb N/A
Did She Fall? N/A
The Night Life of the Gods N/A
Turnabout N/A
Lazy Bear Lane N/A
Topper Takes a Trip (Topper #2) N/A
The Bishop's Jaegers N/A
Rain in the Doorway N/A
Skin and Bones N/A
The Glorious Pool N/A
The Thorne Smith 3-Decker N/A
The Thorne Smith Triplets N/A
The Passionate Witch (The Passionate Witch #1) 9.00   1
The Thorne Smith 3-Bagger N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (13)

1943 | fantasy
(The Passionate Witch #1)
1941 | fantasy

1938 | fantasy, mainstream

1936 | fantasy

1934 | fantasy

1933 | fantasy

1933 | fantasy
(Topper #2)
1932 | fantasy

1931 | fantasy

1931 | fantasy

1931 | fantasy, childrens

1929 | fantasy
(Topper #1)
1926 | fantasy

Others non-spefi books (6)

1932 | mainstream

1930 | thriller

1927 | mainstream
(Biltmore Oswald #2)
1919 | mainstream

(Biltmore Oswald #1)
1918 | mainstream