Kathe Koja

Kathe Koja

Kathe Koja (born 1960) is an American writer. She was initially known for her intense speculative fiction for adults, but over the past few years has turned to writing young adult novels.

Koja is also a prolific author of short stories, including many in collaboration with Barry N. Malzberg. Most of her short fiction remains uncollected. Koja's novels and short stories frequently concern characters who have been in some way marginalized by society, often focusing on the transcendence and/or disintegration which proceeds this social isolation (as in The Cipher, Bad Brain, "Teratisms," The Blue Mirror, etc.). Koja won the Bram Stoker Award and the Locus Award for her first novel The Cipher, and a Deathrealm Award for Strange Angels. Her prose has been described as "stunning".

Kathe Koja's young adult novels are:

  • Straydog (2002)
  • Buddha Boy (2003)
  • The Blue Mirror (2004)
  • Talk (2005)
  • Going Under (2006)
  • Kissing the Bee (2007)
  • Headlong (2008)


Kathe Koja's official website.
Kathe Koja. Wikipedia.

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2020  Velocities
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2015  The Bastards' Paradise (Under the Poppy trilogy, #3)
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2014  The Mercury Waltz (Under the Poppy trilogy, #2)
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2010  Under the Poppy (Under the Poppy trilogy, #1)
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1997  Extremities
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1994  Strange Angels
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1993  Skin
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1992  Bad Brains
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1991  The Cipher
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2015  Year's Best Weird Fiction: Volume Two (Year's Best Weird Fiction, #2)
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1996  Kink
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