Don Sakers

Don Sakers was launched the same month as Sputnik One, so it was perhaps inevitable that he should become a science fiction writer. A Navy brat by birth, he spent his childhood in such far-off lands as Japan, Scotland, Hawaii, and California. In California, rather like a latter-day Mowgli, he was raised by dogs.

As a writer and editor, he has explored the thoughts of sapient trees (The Leaves of October), brought ghosts to life (Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three, Baen 1989), and beaten the "Cold Equations" scenario ("The Cold Solution," Analog 7/91, voted best short story of the year.)

Sakers is a member of the CoastLine SF Writers Group. He has taught sf-writing through Howard Community College.

In 2009, Don took up the position of book reviewer for Analog Science Ficiton & Fact, where he writes the "Reference Library" column in every issue.

In his day job, Don works for the Public Library.

Don lives at Meerkat Meade in suburban Baltimore with his spouse, costumer Thomas Atkinson.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (11)
2017  The Rule of Five: Year One (The Rule of Five, #1)
(science fiction > space opera, collection)
2015  Elevenses
(science fiction, fantasy, short stories)
2015  Bright Promise (PsiScouts, #2)
(science fiction)
2014  Meat and Machine: Queer Writings
(science fiction, fantasy, short stories)
2010  All Roads Lead to Terra (Scattered Worlds)
(science fiction, short stories)
2007  A Rose from Old Terra (Scattered Worlds)
(science fiction)
2004  Weaving the Web of Days (Scattered Worlds)
(science fiction)
2003  Curse of the Zwilling
2003  At Risk (PsiScouts, #1)
(science fiction)
2002  Dance for the Ivory Madonna (Scattered Worlds)
(science fiction)
1988  The Leaves of October (Scattered Worlds)
(science fiction)

Others non-spefi books (1)
2017  A Cosmos of Many Mansions: Varieties of Science Fiction