Julie Hahnke

Julie Hahnke

Julie Hahnke is a graduate of Dartmouth College. Her career spans high tech development, investment finance, and management consulting in marketing strategies. She's written extensively on business management and technology subjects. She has written two books: Through the Eyes of a Raptor and The Grey Ghost.

Julie's knowledge of Scottish culture is first hand – she's a competitive bagpiper and has spent considerable time in Scotland. Her other interests include sailing, cycling, and raising orchids. When promoting her book in schools, her bagpipes always accompany her together with a very big sword.


Julie Hahnke's official website.

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Books by Julie Hahnke
Through the Eyes of a Raptor N/A
The Grey Ghost (The Wolf's Apprentice #1) N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (2)

(The Wolf's Apprentice #1)
2009 | fantasy, young adult

2007 | fantasy, young adult