Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan (born 1964) is an award-winning American science fiction and fantasy writer whose work frequently deals with Southern themes.

His fiction has appeared in a number of venues, including Asimov's Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, SciFiction, and Escape Pod (podcast). He has won the Theodore Sturgeon Award and two World Fantasy Awards, and has been nominated for both the Hugo and the Nebula Award.


Andy Duncan's official website.
Andy Duncan. Wikipedia.

Photo: Andy Duncan South Street Seaport 2008-04-01. Photo author: Houari Boumedienne. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.

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2018  An Agent of Utopia
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2012  The Pottawatomie Giant & Other Stories
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2009  The Night Cache
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2000  Beluthahatchie and Other Stories
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