David Case

David Case

David F. Case was born in upstate New York in 1937. Since the early 1960s he has lived in London, as well as spending time in Greece and Spain. His acclaimed collection The Cell: Three Tales of Horror appeared in 1969, and it was followed by the novels Fengriffen: A Chilling Tale, Wolf Tracks and The Third Grave. More recently, a new collection entitled Brotherly Love and Other Tales of Trust and Knowledge was published by Pumpkin Books. A regular contributor to the legendary Pan Book of Horror Stories during the early 1970s, his powerful novella "Pelican Cay" in Dark Terrors 5 was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2001.

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Books by David Case
The Cell: Three Tales of Horror
Fengriffen: A Chilling Tale
Fengriffen and Other Stories
Wolf Tracks
The Third Grave
Brotherly Love and Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge
Pelican Cay & Other Disquieting Tales

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