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Series by Paul Finch

Books by Paul Finch
The Shadows Beneath N/A
After Shocks N/A
Cape Wrath N/A
The Extremist and Other Tales of Conflict N/A
Stains N/A
Ghost Realm N/A
Groaning Shadows (Gray Matter Novellas #4) N/A
Stronghold N/A
Hunter's Moon (Doctor Who: The New Series #43) N/A
Dark North N/A
The Best of Tomes of the Dead: Volume III: The Secret Zombie History of the World (The Best of Tomes of the Dead #3) N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (11)

(The Best of Tomes of the Dead #3 / 3)
2013 | horror, collection
(Malory's Knights of Albion)
2012 | fantasy
(Doctor Who: The New Series #43 / 51)
2011 | science fiction
(Tomes of the Dead)
2010 | horror
(Gray Matter Novellas #4 / 6)
2009 | horror

2008 | fantasy, horror, short stories

2007 | horror, short stories

2004 | horror, short stories

2002 | horror

2001 | horror, short stories

1993 | horror, short stories