Sara M. Harvey

Sara M. Harvey

An author and costume designer, Sara M. Harvey hails from Nashville these days. She has one of the best day jobs in the world - teaching fashion design and history. When not teaching the newest fashionistas of the world, Sara spends her time writing and sewing. Sara also writes non-fiction costume history textbooks has been a costumer for Walt Disney World and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and also has an unquenchable passion for Steampunk. She has a husband, three dogs, and a baby and is living in her own sing-along blog.


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Books by Sara M. Harvey
A Year and a Day N/A
The Convent of the Pure (The Blood of Angels #1) 8.00   1
The Labyrinth of the Dead (The Blood of Angels #2) N/A
The Tower of the Forgotten (The Blood of Angels #3) N/A
Seven Times a Woman N/A

Speculative Fiction Novels (5)

(The Blood of Angels #3)
2011 | fantasy, steampunk

2011 | fantasy
(The Blood of Angels #2)
2010 | fantasy, steampunk
(The Blood of Angels #1)
2009 | fantasy, steampunk

2006 | fantasy