Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk

Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk (born 1962) is an American transgressional fiction novelist and freelance journalist. He is best known for the award-winning novel Fight Club, which was later made into a film directed by David Fincher. He lives near Vancouver, Washington.


Chuck Palahniuk. Wikipedia.

Photo: Chuck Palahniuk at the Roses and Shit Tour, Frederic Wood Theatre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Photo author: Michael G. Khmelnitsky. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (5)
2013  Doomed (Damned, #2)
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2011  Damned (Damned, #1)
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2005  Haunted
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2003  Diary
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2002  Lullaby
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