Simon Maginn

Simon Maginn

Simon Maginn (born 1961) is a British writer who has written Sheep (Corgi 1994), Virgins and Martyrs (Corgi, 1995), A Sickness of the Soul (Corgi 1995), Methods of Confinement (Black Swan 1996) and a novella Rattus which was published alongside a novella by Gary Fry entitled The Invisible Architect of Psychopathy in Feral Companions (Pendragon Press 2010). A film version of Sheep has been released as The Dark. The novels are horror/psychological thrillers, and are mostly out of print.

Simon Maginn also writes satirical comedies as Simon Nolan, including As Good as it Gets (Quartet Books 1999), The Vending Machine of Justice (Quartet Books 2001) and Whitehawk (Revenge Ink 2010).


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Speculative Fiction Novels (5)
2010  Feral Companions
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1996  Methods of Confinement
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1995  Virgins and Martyrs
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1995  A Sickness of the Soul
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1994  Sheep
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