Judith Graves

Judith Graves

Judith Graves reads as much as she writes, devouring at least two books a week. She loves heated debates over character motives... she's been kicked out of several book clubs for just this reason. With her faithful sidekick at her feet - Willow, a yellow lab - Judith remains unfazed by book club drama and is furiously writing more paranormal stories.

Working in a school library, Judith is surrounded by children's and young adult literature (there's no escape!). A singer/songwriter for more than 10 years, she often writes songs about her characters - since they are beasties of the night, this makes for interesting listening.

A firm believer that Canadian teen fiction can be sexy, action-packed and snarky as hell, Judith writes paranormal stories with attitude. Residing in a northern Alberta community similar to the fictional town of Redgrave, where Under My Skin is set, Judith unhappily endures snow in the winter and runs away from bees in the summer.


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Speculative Fiction Novels (3)
2013  Skin of My Teeth (Skinned, #3)
/stars/0.png (fantasy, young adult)
2012  Second Skin (Skinned, #2)
/stars/0.png (fantasy, young adult)
2010  Under My Skin (Skinned, #1)
/stars/0.png (fantasy, young adult)

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