Mags L. Halliday

Mags L. Halliday

Liz Halliday (born 1971) is an author who writes under the name Mags L Halliday in the ara of to Doctor Who-related fiction. She is distinct from the writer Liz Holliday, who has also contributed to Doctor Who-related fiction. Her published work includes the Doctor Who novel History 101 (2002) and contributions to the Faction Paradox series including the novel Warring States (2005). She is also active in Doctor Who fandom, particularly in female-oriented "fangrrrl culture".

Halliday contributed material to the Faction Paradox anthology/encyclopedia The Book of the War (2002) about a Russian Soviet splinter group from the Faction whose members include Anastasia Romanova and Rasputin. Her Faction Paradox novel Warring States focuses on an English Faction agent and a young Chinese woman who come into conflict during the Boxer Rebellion.


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Book Covers
History 101 (Doctor Who: EDA #58)
Warring States (Faction Paradox #5)
The Vampire Curse

Speculative Fiction Novels (2)

(Faction Paradox #5)
2005 | science fiction
(Doctor Who: EDA #58)
2002 | science fiction

Comics and Anthology (1)

(Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2008 | science fiction, anthology, short stories