Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine is an English author, biographer and editor.

Valentine’s short stories have been published by a number of small presses and in anthologies since the 1980s, and the exploits of his series character, "The Connoisseur", an occult detective, were published as The Collected Connoisseur in 2010.

As a biographer, Valentine has published a life of Arthur Machen in 1985 (Seren Press), and a study of Sarban, Time, A Falconer (Tartarus Press), is published in 2010. He has also written numerous articles for the Book and Magazine Collector magazine, and introductions for various books, including editions of work by Walter de la Mare, Robert Louis Stevenson, Saki, J. Meade Falkner and others.

Valentine also edits Wormwood (Tartarus Press), a journal dedicated to fantastic, supernatural and decadent literature, and has also edited anthologies, including The Werewolf Pack (Wordsworth, 2008) and The Black Veil (Wordsworth, 2008).

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Books by Mark Valentine
Violet Veils 8.00   3
Masques and Citadels: More Tales of the Connoisseur 8.00   1
The Black Veil and Other Tales of Supernatural Sleuths 8.00   1
The Rite of Trebizond and Other Tales 8.00   1
The Nightfarers 8.00   1
The Collected Connoisseur 8.00   1
The Mascarons of the Late Empire & Other Studies 7.50   4
The Peacock Escritoire 7.50   4
Secret Europe 7.50   2
Haunted by Books 8.00   1
A Country Still All Mystery 8.00   1

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