Zealia Bishop

Zealia Bishop

Zealia Brown-Reed Bishop (1897–1968) was an American writer of short stories.

Her stories appeared in the magazine Weird Tales. However, they were extensively revised by H. P. Lovecraft to the point of being ghostwritten. At the time of Lovecraft's demise she owed an exorbitant amount to her ghostwriter and never paid him, leaving Lovecraft in crushing poverty.

Her name is sometimes spelt 'Zelia'.

Arkham House published her volume The Curse of Yig (1953) which contains three horror stories by Bishop (all revised by H. P. Lovecraft) and two profiles by Bishop, one about H. P. Lovecraft and the other about August Derleth. That on Lovecraft has been reprinted in Peter Cannon's collection of essays on Lovecraft, Lovecraft Remembered. The three Lovecraft-Bishop revision stories all appear in The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions.

Bishop's preference was for romantic fiction, of which she wrote and published far more than she did of the weird. She lived in Kansas City with her husband D.W. Bishop, took an active role in the National Federation of Press Women, the New England Historic Genealogical Society and the Missouri Women's Press Club. She authored a historical series about Clay County, Missouri.


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