China Miéville

China Miéville

China Tom Miéville (born 1972) is an English fantasy fiction author, comic writer and academic. He is fond of describing his fiction as "weird fiction" (after early 20th-century pulp and horror writers such as H. P. Lovecraft), and belongs to a loose group of writers sometimes called New Weird.

He is active in left-wing politics as a member of the International Socialist Organization (US) and formerly a member of the Socialist Workers Party (UK) until resigning in 2013 over the SWP internal crisis about allegations of rape against 'Comrade Delta'. In 2013 he became a founding member of Left Unity. He stood for Regent's Park and Kensington North for the Socialist Alliance in the 2001 UK General election. He published his PhD thesis on Marxism and international law as a book in 2005. He teaches creative writing at Warwick University, and in 2012–13 he was Writer-in-Residence at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.


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Series by China Miéville
Bas-Lag (3 books)

Books by China Miéville
King Rat 6.12   8
Perdido Street Station 8.68   25
The Scar 9.06   18
Iron Council 6.82   11
Looking for Jake 7.34   3
Un Lun Dun 7.66   6
The City & the City 7.38   73
Kraken 7.34   9
Embassytown 8.88   9
Railsea 8.40   5
Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories 9.00   2
This Census-Taker 9.00   1
The Last Days of New Paris 9.00   1

Speculative Fiction Novels (13)

2016 | fantasy, alternate history

2016 | fantasy

2015 | fantasy, short stories

2012 | science fiction, young adult

2011 | science fiction

2010 | fantasy

2009 | fantasy

2007 | fantasy, young adult

2005 | fantasy, short stories
2004 | fantasy
2002 | fantasy
2000 | fantasy

1998 | fantasy, horror