John Gregory Betancourt

John Gregory Betancourt

John Gregory Betancourt (born 1963) is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels as well as short stories. He has worked as an assistant editor at Amazing Stories and editor of Horror: The Newsmagazine of the Horror Field, the revived Weird Tales magazine, the first issue of H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror (which he subsequently hired Marvin Kaye to edit), Cat Tales magazine (which he subsequently hired George H. Scithers to edit), and Adventure Tales magazine.

John Gregory Betancourt is the writer of four Star Trek novels and the new Chronicles of Amber prequel series, as well as a dozen original novels. His essays, articles, and reviews have appeared in such diverse publications as Writer's Digest, The Washington Post, and Amazing Stories.

John Gregory Betancourt has also written books under the pseudonyms of Jeremy Kingston and Thomas Shadwell (with Arthur Byron Cover and Tim Sullivan).


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Book Covers
Rogue Pirate
The Blind Archer
Johnny Zed
The Dragons of Komako (Dr. Bones #4)
Slab's Tavern and Other Uncanny Places
Performance Art
Born of Elven Blood
Devil in the Sky (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #11)
Incident at Arbuk (Star Trek: Voyager (numbered novels) #5)
Playing in Wonderland
The Hag's Contract
The Heart of the Warrior (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #17)
The Wrath of Poseidon (Hercules #1)
The Vengeance of Hera (Hercules #2)
Infection (Star Trek: The Next Generation (numbered novels) #51)
The Gates of Hades (Hercules #3)
The Dawn of Amber (The Dawn of Amber #1)
Chaos and Amber (The Dawn of Amber #2)
The Dragon Sorceror
To Rule in Amber (The Dawn of Amber #3)
Shadows of Amber (The Dawn of Amber #4)

Speculative Fiction Novels (23)

(The Dawn of Amber #4)
2005 | fantasy

2005 | science fiction
(The Dawn of Amber #3)
2004 | fantasy
(The Dawn of Amber #2)
2003 | fantasy

2003 | fantasy
(The Dawn of Amber #1)
2002 | fantasy
(Hercules #3)
2001 | fantasy
(Star Trek: The Next Generation (numbered novels) #51)
1999 | science fiction
(Hercules #2)
1997 | fantasy
(Hercules #1)
1997 | fantasy
(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #17)
1996 | science fiction
1996 | fantasy
(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #11)
1995 | science fiction
(Star Trek: Voyager (numbered novels) #5)
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