Angela Slatter

Angela Slatter

Angela Slatter is a writer based in Brisbane, Australia. Primarily working in the field of speculative fiction, she has focused on short stories since deciding to pursue writing in 2005, when she undertook a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing. Since then she has completed a number of short stories, many of which were included in her two compilations, Sourdough and Other Stories (2010) and The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales (2010).

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Book Covers
Sourdough and Other Stories
The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales
Black-Winged Angels
Midnight and Moonshine
The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings
The Female Factory
Of Sorrow and Such
Finnegan's Field
Vigil (Verity Fassbinder #1)
A Feast of Sorrows: Stories
Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales
Corpselight (Verity Fassbinder #2)
Restoration (Verity Fassbinder #3)
The Heart Is a Mirror for Sinners & Other Stories
All the Murmuring Bones
The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales

Speculative Fiction Novels (16)

(The Sourdough Cycle)
2021 | fantasy > dark fantasy, short stories | Release date 2021

2021 | fantasy > dark fantasy

2020 | fantasy, horror, short stories
(Verity Fassbinder #3)
2018 | fantasy > urban fantasy
(Verity Fassbinder #2)
2017 | fantasy > urban fantasy

2016 | horror, short stories

2016 | fantasy, short stories
(Verity Fassbinder #1)
2016 | fantasy > urban fantasy

2016 | fantasy

2015 | fantasy

2014 | science fiction, short stories
(The Sourdough Cycle)
2014 | fantasy > dark fantasy, short stories

2012 | fantasy

2010 | fantasy, short stories
(The Sourdough Cycle)
2010 | fantasy > dark fantasy, short stories

2010 | fantasy, short stories