D. P. Watt

D. P. Watt is a writer living in the bowels of England. He balances his time between lecturing in drama and devising new ‘creative recipes’, ‘illegal’ and ‘heretical’ methods to resurrect a world of awful literary wonder. His short stories have appeared with Side Real Press, Megazanthus Press, Hieroglyphic Press and his two novellas, The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tesseller and Dehiscence are available from Ex Occidente Press. You can find him at The Interlude House: http://www.theinterludehouse.co.uk/.

Edited by 2014-08-29 (Seregil of Rhiminee)

Book Covers

Pieces for Puppets and Other Cadavers
An Emporium of Automata
The Ten Dictates of Alfred Tesseller
The Phantasmagorical Imperative and Other Fabrications
Almost Insentient, Almost Divine