Andrew Neiderman

Andrew Neiderman

Andrew Neiderman (born 1940) is an American novelist. He became the ghost writer for V. C. Andrews following her death in 1986. He formerly taught English at Fallsburg Jr./Sr. High School, in upstate New York. Neiderman is married to the former model Diane Wilson. They have two children, Melissa, a teacher in Rancho Mirage, and Erik, a jet pilot. They have three grandchildren: Dustin, a musician who attends College in Los Angeles, Hannah Rose, and Emily Grace, the latter both models in LA.

Neiderman is arguably best known as the author of The Devil's Advocate, later adapted into a film of the same name, and the screenwriter who adapted Rain, based on a series of novels released under Andrews' name.

He has recently written the libretto for a musical stage adaptation of The Devil's Advocate. It is currently in development with music composed by Dutch composer Sarif Tribou and lyrics by SJ Hills.

He also co-authored the screenplay for Duplicates, a USA cable movie of the week, and has had six other of his novels adapted into films.

With the publication of Guardian Angel by Dorchester Publishers in January 2010, Neiderman has, between his V. C. Andrews novels and those under his name, reached 100 published novels.


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