Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka (1883–1924) was a culturally influential German-language novelist. Contemporary critics and academics regard Kafka as one of the best writers of the 20th century. The term "Kafkaesque" has become part of the English vernacular.

Kafka was born to middle class German-speaking Jewish parents in Prague, Bohemia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The house in which he was born, on the Old Town Square next to Prague's Church of St Nicholas, now contains a permanent exhibition devoted to the author.

Most of Kafka's writing, much of it unfinished at the time of his death, was published posthumously.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (3)
2011  The Meowmorphosis
/stars/0.png (horror)
1971  Metamorphosis and Other Stories
/stars/4.png (horror, magical realism, short stories)
1915  The Metamorphosis
/stars/4.png (horror)

Others non-spefi books (2)
1926  The Castle
/stars/35.gif (magical realism)
1925  The Trial
/stars/35.gif (magical realism)

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