Ross E. Lockhart

Ross E. Lockhart

Ross E. Lockhart is an author, anthologist, editor, and publisher. A lifelong fan of supernatural, fantastic, speculative, and weird fiction, Lockhart is a veteran of small-press publishing, having edited scores of well-regarded novels of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Lockhart edited the anthologies The Book of Cthulhu I and II, Tales of Jack the Ripper, The Children of Old Leech: A Tribute to the Carnivorous Cosmos of Laird Barron (with Justin Steele), Giallo Fantastique, Cthulhu Fhtagn!, and Eternal Frankenstein. He is the author of Chick Bassist. Lockhart lives in a state of quantum flux in Petaluma, California, with his wife Jennifer, hundreds of books (currently residing in boxes), and Elinor Phantom, a Shih Tzu moonlighting as his editorial assistant.

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Edited: Seregil of Rhiminee October 24, 2017
Book Covers
The Book of Cthulhu (The Book of Cthulhu #1)
The Book of Cthulhu II (The Book of Cthulhu #2)
Tales of Jack the Ripper
The Children of Old Leech
Giallo Fantastique
Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Eternal Frankenstein
Tales from a Talking Board

Comics and Anthology (8)

2017 | horror, anthology

2016 | horror, anthology

2015 | horror > weird fiction, anthology

2015 | horror, anthology, thriller > crime fiction

2014 | horror, anthology

2013 | horror, anthology, thriller
(The Book of Cthulhu #2)
2012 | horror > weird fiction, anthology
(The Book of Cthulhu #1)
2011 | horror > weird fiction, anthology