Marie Lu

Marie Lu

From author's official website:

"I write young adult novels, and have a special love for dystopian books. Ironically, I was born in 1984. During the day, I'm an Art Director at a video game company where I enjoy discussing Facebook game apps with my co-workers, hearing amusing insider stories about World of Warcraft bugs, and delighting in cute 3D renditions of buildings - all via Skype.

I like food, fighter jets, afternoon tea, happy people, electronics, the interwebz, cupcakes, pianos, bright colors, rain, Christmas lights, sketches, animation, dogs, farmers' markets, video games, and of course, books. I suck at working out. I also get lost very easily, but am a halfway decent driver for an Asian girl. At least, I like to think so. :)

I was born near Shanghai, but settled down in Texas until I went off to college at the University of Southern California. California weather sweet-talked me into sticking around, so I'm currently in Pasadena with my boyfriend, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and a chihuahua mix."


Marie Lu. Wikipedia.

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Speculative Fiction Novels (14)
2020  Skyhunter (Skyhunter, #1)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, young adult)
Release date - September 29, 2020
2020  Kingdom of Back
/stars/0.png (fantasy, young adult)
2019  Rebel (Legend, #4)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, thriller, young adult)
2018  Wildcard (Warcross, #2)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, young adult)
2018  Batman: Nightwalker (DC Icons Series)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, fantasy, young adult)
2017  Warcross (Warcross, #1)
/stars/4.png (science fiction, young adult)
2016  The Midnight Star (The Young Elites, #3)
/stars/0.png (fantasy, young adult)
2015  The Rose Society (The Young Elites, #2)
/stars/4.png (fantasy, young adult)
2015  The Evertree (Spirit Animals, #7)
/stars/0.png (fantasy, young adult)
2014  The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)
/stars/4.png (fantasy, young adult)
2013  Champion (Legend, #3)
/stars/35.gif (science fiction, thriller, young adult)
2013  Life Before Legend (Legend)
/stars/0.png (science fiction, short stories, thriller, young adult)
2013  Prodigy (Legend, #2)
/stars/35.gif (science fiction, thriller, young adult)
2011  Legend (Legend, #1)
/stars/35.gif (science fiction, thriller, young adult)

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