Sarah Cawkwell

Sarah Cawkwell

Sarah Cawkwell is an English author based in the North East. Old enough to know better, she’s still young enough not to care. Married, with a son and two intellectually challenged cats, she’s been a writer for many years, contributing to the Warhammeruniverse. When not slaving away over a hot keyboard, Sarah’s hobbies include reading everything and anything, and running around in fields with swords screaming incomprehensibly. Her minimum bribe level is one chocolate orange.

Sarah Cawkwell also writes books under the pseudonym of S. P. Cawkwell.

Edited: Seregil of Rhiminee February 11, 2016
Books by Sarah Cawkwell
The Gildar Rift
Valkia the Bloody

Speculative Fiction Novels (3)

(Heirs of the Demon King #1)
2014 | fantasy
(Warhammer: Heroes)
2012 | fantasy
(Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Battles)
2011 | science fiction