James Mallory

James Mallory

James Mallory is a professional ghostwriter with several books to his credit. Under his own name, he wrote the three-part novelization of the Hallmark Merlin miniseries: The Old Magic, The King's Wizard, and The End of Magic.

James was born in San Francisco and attended schools in California and the Midwest, before moving to New York to pursue a career in writing. He has held an assortment of jobs in the publishing industry, but has been fortunate enough to devote his full time to writing for a number of years, including the opportunity to collaborate with Mercedes Lackey on the critically-acclaimed Obsidian Mountain trilogy. Their partnership continues with the Enduring Flame trilogy.

From an early age, James has been fascinated both with the Arthurian legends and their historical evolution, an avocation which triggered a lifelong interest in fantasy literature. He also enjoys studying medieval and European history, comparative religion, and the iconography and symbology of traditional folk legends. His other interests include hiking and cinema.

James resides in California with his faithful companion Diogenes, who is no less philosophical for being canine-American.

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Book Covers
The Old Magic (Merlin #1)
The King's Wizard (Merlin #2)
The End of Magic (Merlin #3)
The Outstretched Shadow (The Obsidian Trilogy #1)7.60
To Light a Candle (The Obsidian Trilogy #2)7.60
When Darkness Falls (The Obsidian Trilogy #3)7.20
The Phoenix Unchained (The Enduring Flame #1)6.00
The Phoenix Endangered (The Enduring Flame #2)6.00
The Phoenix Transformed (The Enduring Flame #3)
Crown of Vengeance (The Dragon Prophecy #1)
The House of the Four Winds (One Dozen Daughters #1)
Blade of Empire (The Dragon Prophecy #2)

Speculative Fiction Novels (12)

(The Dragon Prophecy #2)
2017 | fantasy > high fantasy
(One Dozen Daughters #1)
2014 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Dragon Prophecy #1)
2012 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Enduring Flame #3)
2009 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Enduring Flame #2)
2008 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Enduring Flame #1)
2007 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Obsidian Trilogy #3)
2006 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Obsidian Trilogy #2)
2004 | fantasy > high fantasy
(The Obsidian Trilogy #1)
2003 | fantasy > high fantasy
(Merlin #3)
2000 | fantasy
(Merlin #2)
1999 | fantasy
(Merlin #1)
1999 | fantasy