Jay Caselberg

Jay Caselberg

Jay Caselberg is an Australian science fiction and mystery author. He writes across many genres, both at short story and novel length, crossing the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and the literary, generally with a dark edge. He has published four novels and multiple short stories under his own name.

Jay Caselberg has also written under the pseudonym of James A. Hartley.


Jay Caselberg's Official Website.

Edited: Seregil of Rhiminee September 21, 2008
Book Covers
Wyrmhole (Jack Stein #1)
Metal Sky (Jack Stein #2)
The Star Tablet (Jack Stein #3)
Wall of Mirrors (Jack Stein #4)
Angel on the Beach
Unnatural Conditions
The Wind

Speculative Fiction Novels (9)

2017 | horror

2014 | horror > psychological horror

2013 | science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories

2013 | science fiction

2010 | science fiction, fantasy, short stories
(Jack Stein #4)
2006 | science fiction
(Jack Stein #3)
2005 | science fiction
(Jack Stein #2)
2004 | science fiction
(Jack Stein #1)
2003 | science fiction