David Ireland

David Ireland

David Neil Ireland (born 1927) is an Australian novelist. David Ireland was born in Lakemba in New South Wales.

Before taking up full-time writing in 1973 he undertook the classic writer's apprenticeship by working in a variety of jobs ranging from greenkeeper to an extended period in an oil refinery.

This latter job provided the inspiration for his second (and best-known) novel, The Unknown Industrial Prisoner, which brought him recognition in the early 1970s and which is still considered by many critics to be one of best and most original Australian novels of the period.

He is one of only 4 Australian writers to win the Miles Franklin Award more than twice (the others being Thea Astley with 4, Peter Carey 3, and Tim Winton 4). He was made a member in the Order of Australia (AM) in 1981.


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